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Your goals are unique and personal; your program should be too.  Our team will work closely together with you to carefully curate a custom workout routine that not only challenges you but get you the specific results that you are after.  Accountability, variety, challenge + support.

Ways to train:

One-on-one Personal Training

(just you and your trainer)

Two-on-one Personal Training

(you, a partner and your trainer)

4-6 Person Small Group Training

(you, your friends and your trainer)

Your session will include a consultation with your trainer discussing your fitness goals, and an optional weigh-in + body measurement on our Tanida Body Composition scale.  


Please let your trainer know if you would also like to take before and after photos.  Depending on what your goals are, you will see changes in your measurement before you see changes on the scale.



Most mornings - at 6am, you will find me dancing on a bike- in a dark room, surrounded by the most incredible – AMAZING people.  The energy created in this space feels like PURE magic- I am so inspired by the commitment, hard work and sweaty smiles that wake up to KICK ASS while the world is still sleeping.   

I fell in love with fitness in 2004.  In November 2004 I completed my BCRPA certification in Personal Training and finished my BCPRA Group Fitness Certification in 2005 - I was hooked.   I couldn’t wait to make my mark in the fitness industry - attending as many conferences, travelling as far as I could to learn from the best of the best in the fitness industry.   

Voted Penticton’s “Best of The Best” Fitness Trainer & Coach of the year is such an honor.  I have been surrounded by amazing people in the industry who have helped me become the trainer I am today.   I share this honor with my amazing participants & clients who continuously set goals, wake up & work hard.  To the trainers and coaches who gave me the courage to make my way to the front row all those years ago. Thank you!


I specialize in Fitness Foundations, Functional & Strength Training, TRX- Total Body Resistance Exercise, Kettlebell, Barre & PURE Spin. 


My favorite exercise?  The one that makes you feel the strongest!!  Every muscle is built to be challenged, and the BEST success comes from the hardest work.  


When I’m not in the gym, you will find me spending time with my family & friends, playing in the snow or at the beach, planning future vacations and sipping my favorite wine.  


I look forward to helping YOU find your BEST self at PURE GYM in Penticton!


“Let it challenge you, so it can change you”

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I have always loved working with people. It's all I’ve done. As a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor, certified in yoga,TRX, barre, pilates, spin, high performance training and trigger point release, I try to build the connections that bring the best results to my clients.  I have developed a diverse and loyal client base over the past few decades and I’m very proud of their hard work and beautiful drive. 

Whether it’s helping find you a house or working on the foundation of your house, your body, I can help you define your goals and I will work tirelessly toward achieving your success.  I love the South Okanagan, the adventures and opportunities it offers, and the exciting new connections it creates.


Lindsey is a Personal Training Specialist and Nutrition Coach who specializes in body transformation and dietary education. She is  committed to forming relationships with clients looking to lose or manage their weight, change their body composition, and tone up. Lindsey has gone though a transformation herself and knows what is required to get the results you are looking for. Living a busy life with 2 children she knows that time isn't always on our side so making the best of the time we have to move and nourish our body is extremely important.

Canfit Pro Personal Training Specialist

Precision Nutrition PN1

Canfit Pro Group Fitness Specialist 

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Christine is a certified personal trainer, health coach and nutritionist. She has always had a passion for health and fitness, since a young age she was constantly involved in sports and learned the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Christine believes movement can truly be medicine for both the body and mind. She loves helping others see and experience what their bodies are capable of with just enough hard work. Christine’s goal as a personal trainer is to help others develop a positive relationship with the gym and all other aspects of fitness, health and wellness. She aims to make training sessions challenging, educational and most importantly fun and effective. When Christine’s not in the gym you can find her hiking, reading, spending time with family or scurrying the streets searching for amazing coffee and dogs that need petting.


​Thomas is an athlete who turned his passion for athletics into his career. He received his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a Certificate in Health and Fitness studies from Simon Fraser University. Thomas was born and raised in Penticton and has been a part of the local Competitive Jump Rope team, the Black Widow Rope Spinners, since its conception in 2004. Jump Rope became his main athletic focus while in high school. Over the years he has become a five-time national champion and has competed in seven world championships, bringing home a silver and bronze medal from the World Jump Rope Championships in Braga, Portugal in 2016. Having competed and coached all over the world he has returned to his home team in Penticton to continue coaching the younger generation of athletes while continuing to train and improve.

Thomas has experience as a Kinesiologist, where he works to help clients recover from injury through movement. He focuses on teaching proper motor patterns to allow for long term results and better quality of life. This focus on fundamentals bleeds over into his training where his attention to detail makes him a great trainer for those with minimal experience in a gym or do not know how to break through a plateau. In addition to his focus on basics and recovery, Thomas has experience working with Varsity level athletes at Simon Fraser University. This has provided him with experience that can help those who are trying to push their limits and achieve new personal bests. Thomas’ expertise with human movement makes him a great trainer for anyone recovering from an injury or looking to better themselves in the gym. 




4 Personal Training Sessions
every month, includes
monthly gym membership.

$250/mo. auto-renew.

Please note: sessions do not roll over to next month.

Led by trainers:

Lindsey Schoenne &


Christine Crawford




Reach your goals with PURE's Exclusive
12 Week Transformation Program.  This 12 week program is developed by our coaches to provide you with a highly personalized workout and meal plan specific to you and your goals.

You will receive a custom workout program based on your specific goals and lifestyle, 1:1 health coaching, a 1:1 session with our in-house nutritionist, unlimited access to our gym + group fitness classes, weekly check-ins, on-going progress assessments and much more...



Tell us a little bit about yourself and your goals; we will pair you with the best suited trainer to meet your specific, individual needs.

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