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12 Week Transformation Package



Investment: $1299

  • Goal Planning and Consultation with your trainer.

  • Tanida Body Composition Scan, Measurements and Photos (optional).

  • Personalized Workout Plan based on your Goals and Lifestyle.

  • 12 Personal Training Sessions. (1 each week).

  • Unlimited 12 Week Gym Membership.

  • 1:1 Nutrition Consultation, learn to count and track macros.

  • Tailored Nutrition Plan.

  • Weekly Check-in's with your trainer.

  • On-going Accountability and Support.

Option to add-on 3 Months Unlimited Classes $200 (Reg. $417)


Lindsey is a Personal Training Specialist and Nutrition Coach who specializes in body transformation and dietary education. She is  committed to forming relationships with clients looking to lose or manage their weight, change their body composition, and tone up. Lindsey has gone though a transformation herself and knows what is required to get the results you are looking for. Living a busy life with 2 children she knows that time isn't always on our side so making the best of the time we have to move and nourish our body is extremely important.

Lindsey was awarded the "Best of Penticton Nutritionist - Gold Recipient 2023". 

Meet your Transformation Coach, Lindsey.

12 Week Client Testimonial:

Sylvie recently completed the first round of our 12 Week Transformation Program, and absolutely crushed it.

We asked her a few questions about her experience doing our 12 Week Program:

What made you sign up for the 12 Week Transformation Program? 

I am into my fifties and wanted to make a change! I could have chosen to be sedentary and go along with the idea that I work a desk job and let time slip by and let things get harder and harder to do like a bike ride to the tunnels. I decided that now was it for me to make the most of it and go for it and see what I could accomplish. I read recently you DECIDE and you can take ACTION if you want to. I wanted it!

What was your goal when you started the program? 

I wanted more than just weight loss. This time was going to be different for me. We planned a trip in July to Alaska. Plan was to explore Denali National Park and Preserve. I wanted to be able to walk, climb, move better, faster and no pain! 

Did you find the tools you learned helpful in navigating holidays, social gatherings and your vacation time away? 

I used the app that was recommended to track macros daily. It was very enlightening. I had never counted macros before so I learned how much protein, carbs and fat you actually need. My eyes were wide open! It was shocking how much fat was in some things I ate without thinking about it. I had work meetings away from home a couple of times. I learned how to account for the outings and still stay on track. Attention to choices is key. I had 2 family birthdays to host which I did and practiced the tips I got from Lindsey! 


What was one of your greatest wins during the 12 weeks? 

Wow, so many wins its hard to choose! I guess the bike ride with my husband to the Naramata Tunnels with only one stop and I could keep up and didn’t feel like I was going to die:) This was a couple of months into the program. 

How did you feel after your 12 weeks was completed?

I learned so much! I felt amazing. I felt accomplished and ready to challenge Savage River Alpine Trail and have fun and I did!


Will you continue to implement what you learned?

YES!! Every time I pass another goal I call it my own GOLDEN BUZZER! 


Would you recommend this program to others?

YES! YES! YES! Anyone who is interested in a lifestyle change and gaining an amazing PURE family I would say go for it!


Anything else that you would want people to know?

I am choosing to age strong! Who’s with me?


Update as of Nov 2023:

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