There’s personal training and then there is PURE personal training. What sets PURE personal training apart? 


We have partnered with leading personal trainer Nicole Funk and her elite team of trainers to create specialized training programs that will challenge and inspire you to take your fitness to the next level.


Their collective expertise includes:


  • Athletic strength and conditioning 

  • Weight loss and body sculpting

  • Pre and post natal 

  • Post injury rehabilitation

  • Post cardiac episode rehabilitation 

  • Training for daily life 


Look no further if you want personal training that is truly personal and works for your body, your mind, your goals and your life. Results are inevitable. 


Are you ready? 




For Nicole, fitness is integral to health and wellbeing. This is how Nicole has lived her life since an early age – excelling at sport, passionate about fitness and an advocate for investing in health. Today Nicole is sought-after as a personal trainer, helping clients use fitness as the path to living their best life.  A seasoned coach with over 15 years of broad experience, Nicole has trained clients in all stages of life and varying fitness abilities. This gives Nicole a wealth of experience to lead her team of trainers to deliver a powerful, positive and truly transformational training experience. 


Nicole believes that successful training starts with a strong connection and she is skilled at helping her clients drill down to what really matters. Nicole’s philosophy guides the approach of all PURE trainers. 



  • Bachelor Degree in Health & Recreation Education, Psychology minor – University of Victoria

  • Certified Personal Trainer (Can-Fit-Pro)

  • Certified Spin Instructor

  • Certified Group Fit instructor

  • First Aid & CPR / AED




Fitness has been an essential part of Fadrina's life for over 15 years. In early childhood, Fadrina always struggled with her weight and after making the big move from her home country of Switzerland to Canada in year 2000 - she learned that fitness & health can be fun! ​

Fadrina took the time to educate herself on the basic principles of nutrition and fitness training and implemented them into her daily life. She started noticing a change immediately. She believes that your mind is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to health. Fadrina loves helping others become their best version of themselves. Her passion is in functional training using a variety of equipment and lots of body weight exercises. All her workouts will be fun, intense and never the same!

Fadrina will help you find your passions in exercise, she will educate you and motivate you to make healthy decisions that will lead to great results.


  • Certified Personal Trainer (Can Fit Pro)

  • Standard 1st Aid / CPR / AED


Fitness has always been an extension of Chelsea’s personal and professional world.

A certified Personal Trainer through Mount Royal University in Calgary, AB, and a Nutritional and Wellness Specialist certified through NSCA; Chelsea’s certification boasts a comprehensive education in anatomy, kinesiology, exercise physiology, athletic training and nutritional coaching.

In the business since 2009 Chelsea brings her years of experience as a trainer and coach with high-energy, and a passion for movement to FUNKtion For Life with inspiring, informative, and challenging training sessions. Chelsea appreciates supporting individuals to realize their personal wellness potential by encouraging positive behavior changes and motivating them every step of the way.

Specializing in weight loss, postpartum and athletic performance contagiously enthusiastic, Chelsea makes it her personal mission to improve not only her client's fitness but their overall wellbeing. She passionately believes healthy living should be fun, rewarding and habitual. As an experienced trainer, she creates goal-specific fitness programs that are safe, efficient, innovative and exciting!

She motivates, inspires and supports her clients to set big goals and is your #1 cheerleader as you achieve them.

“What you show up with and what you leave with is up to you, anything is possible”


Kim learned to appreciate fitness, exercise and self-care in her early 40’s. During school sports, she always opted to be a goalie so that she didn’t have to run very far. She didn’t feel the need to exercise much at that time. She was tall and naturally slim and didn’t feel she needed to workout. When she turned 40, she watched her 70-year-old mother (also slim, tall and not fit) be unable to pull herself up into a truck due to lack of strength. This was the wake-up call that made Kim realize she didn’t want to weaken as she aged. She decided to do something about it.

Kim hired a Personal Trainer (Nicole Funk) and started working out regularly and quickly realizing the benefits of exercise. 2 years later, she started running regularly and continuing to do home workouts. A year later she found her passion in CrossFit. Kim has been working out at CrossFit (and doing the odd competition) for the past 7 years. At the age of 56, she feels the strongest she has ever been and has a true passion for fitness and well being!

As your personal trainer, you will find Kim’s fantastic people skills, along with her knowledge and dedication to daily fitness will support your journey to achieving your goals. Kim is encouraging, empathetic, open, honest, understanding, friendly and super motivating. Her attention to the detail corresponds directly to some of the qualities you would want in a Personal Trainer. Kim is super excited to help you find your passion in fitness!


30 minutes can change the way you see results.

That's all it takes.  What have you got to lose?

Work with a Certified Personal Trainer, One-on-one, for only $35/session.

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