Welcome Visitors to Penticton!

Daily Drop-In $13  OR  Week Pass $35

Enjoy 24 hour access to the gym, 365 days of the year.


In today's world we are inundated with contracts...

so that's why we won't add one to your list!


All of our membership options are contract-free, all that we ask is

that if you decide to take a break from the gym, please come

in to see us and provide 30 days notice... no questions asked!



(no initiation fees, zero contracts)


$59 - One Month

(30 days)

$28/bi-weekly - Automatic Renewal

(credit card or bank account)

$55/monthly - Automatic Renewal on the 1st of every month

(credit card or bank account - no term commitment)

$147 - 3 months 

(SAVE $30 by paying 3 months upfront - works our to $49 month)


Best Option - "Make it your lifestyle!" - $588/year


Do you work out of town?  

Maybe a gym drop-in flex pass is a better option for you!


10 drop-in Flex Pass $110 + tax

*The fine print - we do not freeze monthly or annual memberships,

30 days notice to terminate automatic renewal memberships.

*Memberships and 24 hr access FOB's are non-transferable.




$165 - One Month

(30 days Unlimited Classes + Unlimited GYM access)



Purchase your 24 hour key fob and gain access to the gym,

any hour of every day of the year - no excuses! 

A one time purchase of $75.00, gives you access

24 hours for the lifetime of your membership with PURE!


When entering the 24 hour door, please ensure that you are the only

one entering.  Any body wanting to come in outside of our office hours,

must have their own personal key FOB to enter the 24 hour access door.


*Abusing this privilege will result in your FOB being de-activated.

FOB's are non-refundable and non-transferable.





To preserve our sanctuary, we have a few simple requests:


1) Cell phones.  We come here to feel good; to focus on ourselves and

to be our personal best.  Please leave phone calls for outside the studio.

2) Laundry.  We love to feed off your energy, not your odor. 

3) Kindness is cool.  Smile at a stranger.

4) Energy.  There is a direct correlation between the energy you bring in to

the gym with you and the workout you will experience. Adjust accordingly.

5) The Movement.  We are a fitness community aiming to create a healthy

living movement throughout Penticton. #jointhemovement




Let us help you find which membership option works best for your lifestyle!

21 Lakeshore Drive W,                                                    

Penticton, BC                                                                       



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