Ready to look and feel your best? Join US for a "9 DAY HEALTHY KICKSTART" designed to help you kickstart weight loss and increase your energy!

This program is designed to give you a structured guide to reduce bloating, increase energy, mental clarity by reducing or eliminating dairy, gluten + refined sugar and kickstart weight loss.

For 9 days, you'll replace 2 meals with a low GI shake (breakfast + lunch), and a balanced meal for dinner time; enjoy unlimited snacks as wanted throughout the day.

By eating balanced, low-glycemic foods, you can overcome your cravings and begin losing weight without feeling hungry. This Kickstart will help you get in the habit of eating healthier, exercising, and making smarter lifestyle choices.

During This KICKSTART You Will:

  • Reduce inflammation that causes puffiness

  • Replenish your cells with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that most people are deficient in

  • Increase the production of your body's own antioxidants. Your body has the ability to produce it's own powerful antioxidants; the supplements in this program help your body do just that. More antioxidants = even more beautiful hair, skin and nails. 

  • Increase your overall energy for better daily performance.

  • Learn new daily habits that will help you look and feel your best.

  • Gain mental clarity.

In 9 short days you will look great, and FEEL EVEN BETTER.

A typical day on your 9 day KICKSTART looks like this:

Breakfast:  Meal replacement shake

(our shakes are so yummy!)

Mid-morning snack:  Whole food snack of choice, (snack ideas: an apple with almond butter, hardboiled eggs with sea salt, snack bar, energy bites, piece of fruit with a handful of nuts.)

Lunch:  Meal replacement shake

Mid-afternoon snack:  Whole food snack of choice, (snack ideas: raw mixed veggies with hummus, hard boiled egg, snack bar, energy bites, almond + medjuul dates, celery sticks with almond butter)

Dinner:  Whole food, healthy meal! (meal ideas/recipes provided in program)

What’s Included:

- 9 Days of Meal Replacement Shakes for during your program. USANA Nutrimeal is formulated with a healthy ratio of complete proteins, beneficial fats, fiber, and low-glycemic carbohydrates to help you maintain your energy levels.

   *See Nutrimeal info here

- 28 day supply of USANA Cellsentials. This cellular nutrition system includes two advanced nutritional supplements: Core Minerals and Vita Antioxidant. Together, they deliver a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and additional nutrients for comprehensive support for your long-term health.

  *See Cellsential info here

- Digestive Enzymes. Get the most out of your meals with a blend of plant-based enzymes and artichoke extract.

  *See Enzymes info here

- Dinner and snack list of ideas to. nourish you throughout the day!

*Conveniently shipped to your doorstep.!

SPECIAL: $195.00!

(Regular Retail Value: $399​)

(+- a few dollars depending on shipping areas)

Why is this program so effective:

The combination of balanced, low-glycemic shakes paired with powerful micronutrients gives your body what it needs to thrive and feel it's best.  Adding in the structure of a program eliminates the guess work in a very straight forward approach.  The shakes are delicious (they taste like ice cream) so you feel like you're getting a treat; but they are so good for you and loaded with nutrients to boost your energy and mood.

Check out these result after just 9 days!

- reduced bloating.

- increased energy.

- curbed cravings.